Quantly is leveling the investment management playing field.

The biggest institutional investment firms have long played the advantage of size. They find the best profit opportunities for clients using resources historically inaccessible to the market at large.

Quantly is changing this game.

We’re arming every professional portfolio manager and self directed investor with sophisticated, proven algorithms, hyper-fast data processing speed and advanced equity analysis, in an affordable point-and-click cloud-based research and portfolio management platform.

Now your organization can generate alpha on par with the heavy hitters without deep pockets or an arsenal of quant scientists. Use our tools to construct and continually rebalance clients’ holdings to maximize profit opportunities and minimize risk.

We believe in value investing—a philosophy developed by Benjamin Graham and used with great success by Warren Buffett. Our system finds undervalued stocks. It uses options data and technical analysis to identify timing to enter into a position and optimal options strategy for rebalancing, to maximize profit from market volatility.

Learn more about the Quantly platform and the quant science behind it.

Quantly is run by trading industry veterans with expertise in money management, trading technologies and quant models. CEO Vlad Karpel, formerly Head of Technology at OptionsXpress, has developed the most sophisticated trading systems on the market. Strategy advisor Tim Biggam has more than 20 years of professional trading experience and is often featured on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Meet our team

Other equity research tools simply cannot match Quantly’s combination of predictive precision and depth of qualitative analysis. Our algorithms have been honed over more than 15 years through a continuous feedback and refinement loop. Quantly trade recommendations average 66% accuracy and our maximum portfolio drawdown is less than 20% of portfolio value.